Smallest Qubit Computer…

Compact system: the new quantum computer fits into two standard server racks. (Courtesy: University of Innsbruck)

Topics: Computer Science, Quantum Computer, Quantum Mechanics

The smallest quantum computer to date has been claimed by a team of researchers in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. Using strings of trapped ions that are addressed using laser pulses, Ivan Pogorelov at the University of Innsbruck and colleagues created a system that contains 24 fully-entangled quantum bits (qubits)  and is housed in two industry-standard server racks.

The teams says that the computer’s performance matches that of existing state-of-the-art systems and believe that their setup could bring the widespread use of practical quantum computers a step closer to reality.

As technology improves, quantum computers are integrating increasing numbers of qubits with the goal of creating devices that can solve certain problems much faster than conventional computers. Existing ways of integrating qubits often require a room full of equipment so researchers have now turned their attention to developing much more compact and practical implementations. These efforts face numerous challenges, however, including how to reliably manufacture large numbers of identical qubits and how to maintain the quantum coherence of qubits during complex operations such as the quantum entanglement of ions.

Quantum computer is smallest ever, claim physicists, Sam Jarman, Physics World

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